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"Complex News" will be used to advise residents of any significant matters of a current nature that affects the day to day running of the complex

July 2016
– In the case of an emergency the number 0837011796 can be used to contact the guards.

We are in the process of updating owners/residents details. The attached form must be completed by the owner and tenant (if applicable). Please leave the completed forms at the gate or email to Section B is now mandatory and must be completed prior to gaining access to the complex. Going forward the form must be completed for new tenants (prior to them moving in). Not doing so will result in access being denied.

Trustees must be made aware of all insurance claims via an e-mail to It is the owner’s responsibility to call a professional (plumber/electrician) to look into an incident (e.g.) and provide a report (if necessary) on the cause of the incident. A blank insurance claim form is available on the complex website. This form (completed and signed by the owner), a quote/invoice, and report must be sent to the managing agent/trustees for submission to the insurance company within 30 days (including weekends/public holidays) of the incident. For further fine print on the terms and conditions, we ask that owners familiarise themselves with the policy.

Previously, owners were asked to pay the excess but due to the administrative burden, we have now changed the process. For a unit owner with an insurance claim and whose levies are up to date, the complete invoice will be paid to the service provider upon reimbursement from the insurance company. The excess will then be charged to the owners levy account. For excess amounts payable, please refer to the insurance policy. . If the claim is rejected, the owner is liable for the full invoice.

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